Solid question

Just what is probably a stupid question. I watch all the live stuff, after the event and one niggle.

Why does sketchup describe a solid as solid when it is plainly hollow and the whole point of a solid is to make it hollow.

Love the live street. Just brilliant. From UK.

As I said just a niggle. :blush:

What’s in the name?
SketchUp Solid means that all its edges only have two adjacent (flat) faces, no more, no less. And it’s empty
That is pretty much the same as with real live solids that exist of some homogeneous material, except for being empty.

SketchUp is a surface modeler.

To SketchUp, a “solid” is the surface that surrounds a closed volume, not the material contained in that volume. It has no concept of space-filling materials.

And has no need for it.

I new it was a stupid question but as you say its the same as a solid but not as solid is perceived but this works in sketchup which is an amazing program. I mean solid means no spaces. Getting a solid bar of gold and finding out its just edges would be a bit disappointing. It was just something that i thought about every time i watched. Could we maybe call it a hollow. Best Rod.

Most certainly you can. But who will understand your questions now that everyone is used to what SketchUp has made of it? I prefere solid questions.

There is one thing that I regret about SketchUp Solids. You don’t necessarily need to (only) have front faces on the outside. SketchUp doesn’t care about face orientation, thereby missing some great opportunities as for assigining material to these special objects.

:+1: a hollow. :grinning:

But lets continue with solid. I like solid. :+1:

3D print people and those with 3D scanners sometimes describe a valid model as a ‘watertight mesh’ which is a nice concept as it doesn’t explicitly require something to be solid but for it not to have holes in it.
It would float in water but also and importantly not drip all over your computer if filled with it.