Push/Pull tool Outliner bug

With the Push/Pull tool selected in SU 2018, I can not select a group in the Outliner panel in order to change properties in the Entity Info panel.

Does the shape of the cursor changes, while hovering over the outliner panel? It works for me the same as in 2017. You need to click to change to the Selection tool, and then you can select a group/component/section plane.
Could be graphics related; is SU 2018 set to use your ‘Better graphics Card’ ? SketchUp 2018 is a new, separate program to be in the list of programs that need to use that card (Right -click on the desktop and choose NVIDIA settings)

One more thing, you aren’t expecting that you could Push/Pull directly in the outliner, are you? There is no loose geometry listed in the outliner

That’s not a bug. You can’t select a group in the model, either. With the Push/Pull tool selected SketchUp will only act on a face with the mouse click. It’s the same with Follow Me and Offset. The behavior isn’t any different than in SU2017.

If I have the Push/Pull (or Follow Me, Offset works as expected) tool selected and need to hide another object before using it, why must I be required to change tool before selecting the other object in the Outliner and hiding it in Entity?
I consider this a bug, not a feature.

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There is a bug, I believe. It is that you can’t get Hide in the Context menu when RIGHT clicking on the group in the Outliner although you can when you right click on it in the model.

It’s neither a bug, nor a feature. Things are working.
Although I can see the benefit of a feature request to have more options available in the outliner than to open a (not hidden nor locked) group or component with the P/P tool selected via the ‘Outliner’. (=double clicking on the group or component in the ‘Outliner’). Other options like ‘Hide’ without changing tool selection would be nice.

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