Purchased Wrong License



I purchased 2017, but my PC is not compatible. Is there an easy way to “exchange”? Or if I purchase the correct license, will Sketch-Up refund the 2017?


How does someone purchase the incorrect license when there is only one available? How is your PC not compatible with SketchUp? Did you not install the 30 Day Trial or Make first?


SU v2017 f. Windows is available as 64-bit version only, all previous versions were available as 32-bit versions too.

Additionally, SU v2017 requires a graphics card driver with OpenGL v3.0 support in hardware (no software emulation by CPU as in all previous versions).

SketchUp Hardware and Software Requirements
SketchUp 2017 Checkup application f. Windows


contact sales.


I downloaded the 2016 version (32bit), but purchased the 2017 version (64bit)… My pc is not compatible with 64 bit, only 32 bit.


I did, but waiting for a call back - I NEED to have a floor plan done today and just sitting here waiting… .was hoping for a quicker answer here.


in a public user forum?

if urgent install SUP 2016 on another system which will provide you with the trial period again.


don’t have another system to use. :frowning:


I understand the system requirements and your reply made an assumption based on speculation. The original post stated that the incorrect license was purchased which has nothing to do with incompatibility and makes a compelling argument for taking the opportunity to test the free trial or Make before getting jammed up.


I’m sorry - I don’t understand what you’re trying to say. I did purchase the “wrong license” (2017 vs 2016). Regardless… it seems I just need to wait for a call back. Thank you to all for trying to help.


Hopefully customer support will be able to help you. Normally the only license sold is for the current version. They don’t normally sell licenses for previous versions.

What is it about your computer that makes it incompatible? Is it just that the OS is 32-bit?


You’ve obviously missed the recent changes that make it rather important that your computer meets the new minimum requirements.
With the introduction of 2017 they have remove the hardware acceleration option in OpenGl which means that system hat would function with 2016 will fail with 2017 if the graphic card is inappropriate.
As such it is very possible to Buy 2017 and only discover it won’t work on your computer after you have happily downloaded expecting a performance increase since your system already sang with 2016.

It’s an unfortunate downside to progress, the newer version needs a certain level of hardware.
The up side is you can still use 2016 if 2017 doesn’t work for you.


Thanks - just frustrating because I can’t get through to an actual person. It is the 32-bit that doesn’t allow me to use 2017 version. I think I’ll just purchase the 2016 version and hope that they will refund my 2017 version.


As I said, they don’t normally sell the license for previous versions. (SU2016 is the previous version) I wouldn’t be trying to buy another license. You’ll probably end up with another SU2017 license if you just try to buy another one.


Just install 2016 and use the trial version. You can use this trial version until the license issue is solved.

download page: https://www.sketchup.com/download/all


So, I guess when they let me download the 2016 trial version, I didn’t
realize that I wouldn’t be able to even USE Sketch-up after the trial
unless I upgrade my PC to 64 bit. You’re right - I can’t even purchase the
32-bit (2016 version). Not cool.

  • Jen Waligora


Thanks Guy - but my trial has already expired.

  • Jen Waligora


Use the make version. If you search the forum you find links for the make 2016 version.

Important: Make isn’t for commercial use, but technically you have a SketchUp license for commercial work.


The primary reason the make it possible to download a couple of the previous versions is to help users who have a valid license but have to replace or rebuild their computer.


you have asked “How is your PC not compatible with SketchUp?” and I have explained the possible reasons… which was confirmed by the OP… nothing more.