Pulling out a Rectangle to size

Just wondering why I can’t pull out from my marked starting point a rectangle like I see in all the web video lessons. Mine doesn’t start the pulling until I’m away from the start point a distance; the problem that this gives me is that when I type the dimension in inches like 1.5,3.5
for a stud it’s like a speck in the corner. All the videos I watch it shows up as a manageable rectangle. I know I have a lot to learn still but it would be nice to at least mimic what I’m being taught. Thank you, for any light on this subject.

Probably because the camera is positioned too far away. Drag out a rectangle you can see and look at the dimensions displayed in the Measurements window. What are they? After drawing the rectangle at 1.5,3.5 use Zoom Extents from the Camera toolbar or the Camera menu to zoom in on it.

Best is to create your own custome template with the camera zoomed in to a decent point for the size of your typical model or at least the starting point.

Actually what happens is that it pulls out a distance before the blue rectangle box starts taking shape and leaves the square end box on either the red or green axis lines. On video’s like " making a 2x4 stud" I see they can pull out from the starting point on an angle out and the square box that has no blue or red box ends on any axis line is not there. It is in black lines with dotted dash lines running on an angle.

Maybe a different version of SketchUp. Older versions didn’t show the colors. Might also be the style they have selected. Still when you drag out a rectangle you can see in the model space, how big does the measurements window indicate it is?


I tried everything to solve this problem. I have Sketchup Pro 2022

Draw this rectangle and then save it and share the .skp file.

That’s exactly what I’m trying to achieve what you posted the screen to do.

So there’s something missing in your process.

Make a screen capture video like I did and upload it so we can see what you are doing. Or at least do as I asked in my previous post.

the minimum measurement when first becoming a rectangle is roughly 1’9"x2’ 9" . I am in Architectural inches. 1/64"

How do I make a screen capture video and upload it? Any help on that?

Clearly you need to zoom in to see the smaller rectangle. Also go to Window>Model Info>Units and untick Length Snapping.

I use a freeware app called LiceCap. There are others out there as well. Do a search.

Just to make sure that your template is not badly set, use Window menu → Preferences → Units and see if “Enable length snapping is checked”.

If this is the case, uncheck it and then close the Preferences window.

Look at the modelling window and observe if the 3 axes are visible and if their intersection is visible. This intersection is the axes origin. If it is visible this is good. If not, select the Isometric view. This shall show the axes origin and the 3 axes correctly.

Then, select the Line Tool.

Then click at the axes origin to start a line. A click is a press then a release of the left mous button (LMB).

Move the mouse along the red axis until you are close to the screen limit and observe the number in the Dimension Window (DW) at the lower right of your screen. Observe the units that are displayed.

If you get a very large number like 2000 meters or 5000 feet, it means that you are zoomed out a lot, maybe too much.

Click again the LMB to end the line.

Non, without clicking in the DW, let go of the mouse and type the required length for the line, for example 100 for 100 feet if your units are set to feet or whatever you want.

If your line is very short or, maybe invisible, because you are zoom out too much, you know that you have to zoom in.

On the contrary, if you line extend past the screen boundary, you are zoomed in too much.

Whatever the result, click on Zoom Extent.

If your line shows as you want it, save that file as a template.

If you are still in trouble, open the following SU file that is set in millimeters (you can change the units to whatever suits you) and that contains a block or 20 mx 10 m x 5 m which could be a good start to design a house, for example,

Rectangular bloc as a template.skp (214.9 KB)