Pulling A Pole Between 2 Objects


Hi, is it possible to pull a circle pole / bar between two pillars (or should i say what is the best way :slight_smile:

I have not problem in pulling the circle poll out of object A, but how do i get it to snap to the far object B surface, baring in mind that there is no other object inline with object B, so i can’t use another object face for reference.

I’ve attached a quick image of what i mean.

Thanks in advance for your help.


Push/Pulling operates at right angles to the face being operated on, so your mouse pointer doesn’t have to travel directly along the axis of the extrusion. If you’re saying the post on the right is Object B (what’s the point of referring to them as Object A and Object B if you don’t label them?), then you can stop the Push/Pull on the face, along the edges, or on any of the corner points or midpoints that are coplanar with the face. You don’t need another object in line with Object B; Object B itself is bristling with snap points, any of which will work.

Perhaps more importantly, there’s no need to create the pole in place. Depending on what you’re making, a more logical overall workflow might be to model the post as a component and the pole as another. Then you need merely assemble two instances of the post with one instance of the pole.



Thanks Gully, can you elaborate on the above please, thanks


What does that mean? Elaborate on what?

I must request that you not ask such broad, open-ended questions. Are you saying you want me to sit here and tell you everything there is to know about groups and components? How will I know when to stop? That would be a good topic to look up in the Knowledge Base.

If you have a specific followup question, by all means ask it.


Edit - Well, okay, that was brusque, even for me. See if this picture helps (but please do try to ask specific questions).



A little Elaboration posts.skp (133.5 KB)

copying https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yk6ok7S8goA