Pull Cylinder thru a Sphere

Sketckup 2017

I have created a sphere on the blue axis. I would like to create a cylinder thru the centre of the sphere from edge to edge.

I have tried creating a circle on the edge of the sphere on the blue axis and pull that thru the sphere but I get an error “cannot push/pull curved or smooth surface”.

Do I need to create the cylinder first and then create the sphere around it? How would I do that?

Start with the cilinder just below the sphere and push/pull all the way through to above it. Then select all and right click on the selection and choose: Intersect faces>with selection.
Remove what you don’t need withe the Erase tool.

@kencoleau, you could try something like this.

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You can drop out a few steps.


There are always many ways to do things.
Another option.


Not that I would necessarily advocate for this, but just in the spirit of “many ways to do the same thing”…
(not quite clear on the SU version Ken has)

Using "draw 3D shapes and booltools or solid tools

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