"promote" a component/group

Hi. I am rearranging a complex model of my house and want to “promote” a group/component out of a group into the next higher level. I know I can drag it out and up to the top, but if I happen to let go of the mouse or have some other error, the group/component can end up in another group/component and I will spend a lot of time looking for it. Here is a chart of the Outliner where I want to “promote” Component D (Note that ~V is an upside down caret in this explanation and unfortunately, this blog does not show the indentations, so I use a greater than character (">") to show an indent and Component D starts as part of Group A):

~V Model Name
>~V Group A
>>Component D
>~V Group B
>~V Group C

I would like to move Component A so that it looks like this:

~V Model Name
>Component D

~V Group A
~V Group B
~V Group C

Does anyone know of a simple command that will do this? Thanks.

Either in the model space or in Outliner, select the component/group. Hit Command-X to cut it to the clipboard, go into the parent component/group where you want the cut object to be and use Edit>Paste in Place. If you make a keyboard shortcut for that it’s even simpler.

Works to do what you are suggesting and it also works to add something into a component/group or if you use Copy instead of Cut, you can copy something into or out of a group or component.

Well, that is something I should have figured out. thanks, Dave.

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