Copy out of group or component

Is there method to copy an object out of nested group or component without exploding everything to get to the object?

Thanks in advance.

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Dig in the component (keep double clicking untill you reach the level of the group or component that you need)
Select what you want , Ctrl C to copy it, then turn back to the ‘Model level’ by clicking outside the gray dashed ‘bounding box’ , and Paste.

Whatever context you are in, Ctrl C for edit-copy places a copy of the selected objects onto your clipboard.
Then Ctrl V for edit>paste lets you choose where to put the copy in another ‘context’.
However, if you want it to be in the same location use edit>paste-in-place and it’s in the same location - without any placement on your part.

If you want to ‘cut’ the selection from out of the group/component use Ctrl X for edit>cut.
It is then moved to your clipboard.
Then you can paste or paste-in-place it - equivalent to ‘moving’ the objects out of their group/component - into another ‘context’…

If you have a lot of nesting levels, the navigation in the Outliner might be a faster option.

You can double click a group or component using the Select tool to enter it.

Thanks All for the help. I will follow up with what worked for me.

To add a third option keying off what Cotty wrote, you could do it entirely within Outliner, too. Of course to make this work effectively, you have to be able to identify the group or component in Outliner. Kind of difficult if all of the groups are called “Group”.

I find Paste in place so useful, though, that I have set a keyboard shortcut for it.

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