How to add left out segments to groups within a group? And how to get to them faster?


I am working on a concept support for a glass roof that includes LED lighting
I have many small groups, how to get to the one that is embedded in several groups
without having to click and open each and of them?

I wanted to copy and rotate several elements at one time when done
Now I realize that some parts are NOT part of the group
how can I re-include them into the group ( that is made of several groups)
without it all needing to do again?

Thank you

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Edit/Cut the missiing group to the clipboard.

Open the parent group for editing, then Edit/Paste in place.

It’s worth setting up keyboard shortcuts for these actions - you will benefit from using them often.

Looking at your image, I think you would be better off using Components instead of Groups, if as I suspect the individual parts are identical within the parent group.

Don’t ‘nest’ your components or groups too deep, to minimise the time taken to access them.

You could find a deeply nested component or group in Outliner, then double click on it to open it for editing.

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@Voicefromwithin, when working with ‘Outliner’, you can drag groups and/or components into other contexts, making them nested or drag nested groups/components out of their parent context. Drag and drop works much faster than copy > paste in place


Warning: Drag and Drop becomes very difficult if you have more than a few groups/components and don’t give them distinctive names!


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