Projecting offset lines onto a vertical plane?

Hi everybody

Does anybody know if it’s possible to project a series of lines onto a vertical plane.

In the attached file there are 4 groups of lines which I need to get into the same vertical plane?

Not sure if that makes sense?

This is the current front view,

This is the current plan view,

and this is an Iso view.

I need the front view with everything coplanar in plan if that’s possible?

Thanks as always: :grinning:

Forum Question.skp (21.6 KB)

Is this what you’re after, Kevin?

I made a copy of your groups and exploded them so the edges could be selected and then used Project Lines Perpendicular to Face from the Projections extension available from Sketchucation.

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That’s perfect!

I will go and grab that extension straight away.

Thanks Dave, you’re a super :star: :grinning:

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