Project an image on to an ellipse


I have been tasked to create a 3D model of a water tower for a client. I have done this several times in the past; however, this is the first client that has asked for a design to wrap around the tank. I have tried my regular method of importing as an image, projecting it, showing hidden geometry and painting onto the surface. However, when I get around the sides and back the image gets stretched and reversed. Is there a technique that eliminates this? This is not a cylinder, it is an ellipse. See attached photo of the tank model with the imagine that I’m trying to project. Thanks.

Projecting the texture onto the tank wouldn’t be the right thing to do. That doesn’t wrap the texture. By definition it projects it. Imagine how an image would look from a projector when it is projected onto a curved screen. That’s what you are telling SketchUp to do by projecting the image.

Instead, you need to wrap the texture. It might work for easily if you reduce the texture down to a single wave and apply it without projecting it.

Another option might be to use Fredo6’s Thru Paint which is available in the Sketchucation Extension Store.

ThomThom’s QuadFace Tools has a nice texture mapping feature that could be used here.

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There’s also thrupaint by fredo6 among fredotools

Yes indeed. :wink:

A possible way is to use SketchUV mapping tool. bring image in and explode it to become a texture. I then isolated a ring of faces where the pattern will be so it doesn’t map over the whole water container, or just select the faces you want to apply texture to. ( another method would be to do with a transparent png and overlay a fraction above the surface.)
In parallel projection from one side use the SketchUV tool to map texture as “cylinder”. Cursor keys can be used to position it, and shift/arrows can scale it etc.
If by making the band a group you get bold outlines, it would be good to hide those edges with shift/erase.
If the water tower has a color you may need to make the non-blue parts of the wave pattern that color, or use the png method.