Project along axis?

I use the Project Down" feature on the Architect Tools. I was wondering if anyone knows how to project lines along the X and Y axis as well. Is this something I can do with the Architect Tools extension or is there another extension that anyone know about?

I’m interested to know what you are trying to achieve? Most stuff can be done with inferencing or by using the tape measure.

@jasonwd I wasn’t very clear above. I’m working on a mass model of a building. My work flow for adding windows is to bring in a dwg elevation and move the windows to the appropriate façade of the building. The “Project Down” tool projects lines down until it hits a face of a component. I’m wondering if there is a extension that would allow me to project lines along the X and Y axis not only the Z axis. Essentially this would just cut out one step saving me some time. Any thoughts?

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You could temporarily change the axes (if project down works on current axes).

If it doesn’t, perhaps rotate the model so the face you want to project onto is in the (world axes) x-y plane?

Both those options work but they defeat the purpose of saving time.