Profile Builder unable to input profiles from folder

When trying to import profiles from my folder into Profile Builder 3 on my new Intel.MacBook Pro 16", all of the SKP files are grayed out and nothing imports. This seems to be a new problem. It is not just from the profile SKP files, but also image files are grayed out as well into SketchUp as well. I’m running SketchUp Make 2017.

As a workaround, I open the the SKP profile in a new drawing, copy it into the profile builder dialog and then use that in the drawing I’m working on. It’s a pain in the butt and it’s not right. What setting did I change to make this happen? And can anything be done about it?

How did you migrate? Time machine works best when you have the same OS versions on both the old and new system. It’s fine for data, but for apps (especially old ones) you might want to reinstall completely.
That is, close SketchUp and remove it first and then empty the bin and do a reinstall.

What do you mean by “empty the bin”? I removed the original app, but didn’t do anything else. Is there something more that I have to do? And I realize that I was asking the same issue in today’s thread and had to go back and find this one. Sorry about the confusion.

Please complete your profile. It helps us to give correct answers to your questions.


Thanks for the reminder. Just did. Didn’t realize it was so sparse.

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On mac, files that are moved to the trash-bin aren’t actually ‘moved’ like on Windows but are flagged or tagged to be overwritten, but only when there is an actual need for it (disc space!) Emptying the bin (trash will make sure that the disc space is free.

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