Profile Builder - Texture Scale

I have this “hatch” texture used in a “Span”. The hatching represents 2x2in Fence Mesh. PB does not keep the texture’s proportions at a fixed size.

I know how to use a “swatch” on Dynamic Components to reference a “projected” texture image so its size remains unaltered when the object is scaled. Cannot make that technique work in Profile Builder.

On the attached image, the mesh is supposed to come out as a Square. Because the Span on Profile Builder has NOT reached the Spacing distance, the mesh is compressed along the horizontal axis.


The version of Profile Builder I have would need updating and won’t work with v.2020, but as a general note, there isn’t a workaround to that textures are scaled with the component they are painted on or in.

Thanks Anssi. I did update the PB version. Still no luck.


How about placing a Tig material scale updater?

Thanks Phillip. Suggestion puts me in the Plug-In Dependency Spiral where one Plug-In “depends” on yet another different Plug-In. I’m using Profile Builder to meet a client’s request who sees PB as an “independent” solution that “frees” him from requiring a custom Dynamic Component programmed by me.

This challenge demonstrates the saying: “shoemaker stick to your shoes”. It’s the customer’s prerogative to select one solution over another. The POWER in SketchUp lies in the fact that it affords a myriad of ways to attain the same goal. If the customer chooses PB as the solution, then he/she will have to “live” with its assets and liabilities.

I’m not receptive to alter my recommended workflow/solutions to meet the many methods available out there to reach the expected deliverables. Perhaps, future releases in PB will address this limitation. For now; a DC can keep sizes on textures. PB is a great tool requiring less of a learning-curve than programming DC’s in order to create smart components. A DC is not meant to create anything else than the intended object.

In summary; a DC might be easier for the end-user to implement than PB. All comes down to the Level-Of-Commitment on the part of the end-user. The client can always learn to program his own DC’s or learn PB.

Thanks to all again.

How about right click make unique, right click scale definition?

Yes; good, that would be one step away from exploding the PB Compo to re-scale the textures as required in the individual compos on the model. Still entails “know-how” from the end-users to remember what’s next on their workflow when implementing the PB solution.