Problems with The Default Tray

Good Morning
I work with the PRO 2020 version and V-Ray NEXT
As long as I don’t start rendering, the Default Tray works normal and can be moved across the screen or the other screen easily .
The problem starts when starting rendering or even after it finishes , trying to move the Default Tray a little - it jumps to another side, sometimes stretches across the screen horizonetly instead of vertically, and worse, SketchUp then freezes and you can’t press any key and need to close it with the Task manager or it just crashes
Has anyone encountered this problem?
( I work with graphics card - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB, and IntelCore i7 processor with 32G
RAM , with WIN 7 )
Thank’s in advance
Ittai Frumkin

Do you have other renderers or other plugins loaded that are possibly active in the background? Just a thought. Very different but I had a lot of problems with the Thea windows and found out that having Twilight loaded (but not working) at the same time was the main problem.

I have a lot of plugins inside the Sketchup, but even when disabeling them the problem remains .
For rendering I have just one plugin - the V-Ray .

I had the same problem! It was only occurring within one file, and didn’t go away when I rebooted both the program and computer. I was able to resolve it by going to preferences > workspace > reset workspace. It’s been fine since!

I have tried it now and did as you wrote but it didn’t work . SketchUp have got stuck again and there will be no choice but to end it - again …
Any way Thank’s very much !

Did you install SketchUp correctly by right clicking on the downloaded installer and selecting Run as administrator in the context menu?

I think that not ! As I remmember I did a regular installation .

Correct installation requires that you right click on the installer and choose Run as administrator. Before you do anything else you should at least make sure you have SketchUp installed correctly.

Since this seems to be a problem caused by Vray, have you contacted their Customer Support for help?

Yes . they tried with remote session but have not succeeded .
thet wrote me this :
" Moreover, after discussing the issue with my colleagues from the development team, they advised me to recommend that you contact SketchUp’s support team before doing any other actions. The reason for this is, that while V-Ray might be causing the behavior, they will be able to inspect SketchUp’s log files and accurately locate the issue. You can certainly try re-installing only V-Ray to see if it makes any difference, however the best course of action would be to get a second opinion from SketchUp’s team.
Sometimes it is possible for V-Ray to simply trigger an existing issue and the SketchUp logs will very likely hold the data related to it."

How can I uninstall SketchUp with all it’s folders correctly ?

What is the reason you are moving the Default Tray? Not that you shouldn’t be able to do that, I was wondering if you were doing it to solve a different problem.

I can’t find any subscription for you. Has whoever does have a subscription contacted SketchUp support? I have ideas of things to try, and could get in touch with you if I can find your support email request.

I move it regulary to the other sreen to keep it mainly for modeling .
I will upgrade next week to WIN10 instead of my WIN7.
I hope this will solve the acute problem .
( If not I will return to the support team of you as you have suggested .)
Thank you very much !