Problems with sandbox in sketchup make 2017

Hi everyone! So today I went to create a contoured area from contours I drew (as I often do) and found out that I couldn’t get an area measurement for the contoured land. I often use this for work to calculate how many trees we need to revegetate an area. So I tried uploading the model to online sketchup but that didn’t seem to work either. So I ended up reinstalling sketchup, except now the sandbox tray is not available at all! Any hints?

Obtaining an area measure for the terrain. It can be done in the same way in SketchUp for Web. Sandbox works as it should.

What kind of work are you using SketchUp Make for ?

Garden design and revegetation project using native plants.

That’s a nice hobby.

Thank you, I managed to get it working, albeit differently from what I usually do.

Okay, as long as it is only a hobby. The Make edition license prohibits use for commercial work.