Sandbox greyed out

I’m a new user to sketch-up and I am trying to model a site for a new house.

I have followed some great tutorials to get to the point where I have imported a geolocation, and created a series of contours (370 of them, 2ft increments). So that’s all good.

I am now trying to add a plane across them, which I think I do with ‘create a Sandbox from contours’, however when I select my contours the sandbox tools are still greyed out.

I have checked the extension manager and the tools are enabled there. I am using SU 18 Pro trial version.

Any suggestions welcome.


Right, the good old turn off and on again worked here.
I restarted SU, went to extension manager where sandbox was shown as disabled. Enabling it brought the tools back to life, not sure what happened but hopefully helps someone else!

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