Problems with labeling

Hi all! I would be so grateful if anyone could help me, because I am going crazy with SU!

I am editing a big model which was created by a colleague, and I am supposed to add text labels to some objects (which are groups and components) in the model, but when I click some of these objects the label is mispositioned leading to a point far from the object. It does not seem a problem related to locking

Thanks you so much in advance!

Edit: I attach picture, to show where I click and the label positioning

How far is the model content from the origin?

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You might also try the Flat Text extension by Dave Penney, from Extension Warehouse. He has Flat Leaders as well as Flat Text, in the same extension. The free version can do most things, but the paid version adds convenience - not expensive.

The leaders, and the text, stay where you put them - they don’t have the FaceMe behaviour that native SU Text has.

But check the answer to @slbaumgartner’s question first. SU text and model rendering can go mad if your model is far from the origin.

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I update the post, because something unexpected happened which may be a clue to identify the problem. I checked the origin of the model as suggested, and it seems that all the labels are pointing to the origin.

I still do not know how to solve the problem, so any help would be much appreciated.

You seem to have hidden profiles and edges.

The Text tool has noting to snap to.


Can you upload the SU model? Drag it into your next post if it is smaller than about 16MB, or upload to a file sharing platform like Dropbox or WeTransfer and provide a link.

Otherwise, we’re all just guessing what’s going on.

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I think @jean_lemire_1 is on to it. Without edges displayed I expect the Label tool had nothing but the origin to snap to. At least while adding labels, turn on edges in the style.

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I don’t think it is edges, looks like it could be an issue where the model was created (or parts of it) in another software and there is a long distance problem.
But as said already we can guess for days without seeing the model itself.


As jean lemire suggested, the edges and profiles were indeed ‘hidden’, and after changing it on the styles tray, the problem disappeared.

Thank you all for your fast and helpfull answers!