Problema Sketchup

Esta acontecendo este problema , de não aparecer nada além da tela verde
alguém poderia me ajudar?

It may help to translate this into English:

This problem is happening, that nothing appears but the green screen
can anybody help me?

Can you upload a model that shows this problem? Or is this a new model, just with no axes visible?

And can you complete your hardware profile with the name and model of your graphics card, and the Windows version? The problem might be related to the graphics card or drivers.

Second thread started by OP on same topic. No clear indication if they attempted the suggested fix.

Thanks, @DaveR - I hadn’t seen that when I responded.

processador Intel Dual Core Celeron 3865U (1.80 GHz), memória RAM 4 GB DDR4 e o HD de 500 GB placa de vídeo é do tipo integrada Intel HD Graphics 610 .
A versão do Windows é 64 bit
Meu computador Windows 10
Isso que você queria saber ?

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