Problem with width of my walls

Hello everybody
since a few days, I’m modelizing my home
some main walls are not perpendicular, but I drawed it with a initial width of 0,50 meter
yesterday, I realized that this witdth has been modified (maybe due to my manipulations ?), and now I have different width like 0,500xxx meters
does anyone know how it appended ?

I would expect it’s due to your manipulations. SketchUp doesn’t just change dimensions at random.

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And the difference between 500mm and 500.1mm is negligible.
You have already used a ‘nominal’ width of 0.5m, so it doesn’t matter very much…
Remember it’s a MODEL, not the real world, and even if you could measure a wall’s thickness to parts of a mm using it is somewhat pointless…

Yes and the same goes for your walls being out of upright. Unless they are wildly out and it is critically important that the model is 100% accurate, you are likely to run into a lot of trouble modelling if everything is off axis (not impossible in theory but very hard in practice).