Problem with Trimble Scan Essentials


I’d like to ask to help me a little bit. I have problem with using Trimble Scan Essentials tool.

I have active Stechup Studio 1-year subscription but I cannot use Essentials plugin.

I always got a message like in attachment.

Any suggestion?


If you navigate in a browser to and check the Member section on the left, does the email address which you use in SketchUp has ‘Product Access’ in the third column?
It should say ‘Studio’.
If not, you can modify it by clicking on the three dots in the last column.

Back in SketchUp, try signing out via the Help menu and back in.

I can see that after login I see two accounts with the same name, email but with different products.

When I login in via Help I have active subscription but it seems that for Essentials account details are taken from the second account without subsciption.

I think that one account without plans has to be removed. But I’m afraid that I will remove both of them.


No! Don’t try to remove accounts. This will delete your Trimble ID and problems will be yours…

You have ‘Educational Studio’, which does not include the Scan Essentials (nor V-Ray).
Educational Studio gives access to Sefaira.

Thank you but I need tool for point clouds :frowning:

There are other extensions that can handle point clouds.
Search for “point cloud extension” here on the forum.
Edit: if it must be scan Essentials, then you would need to upgrade…

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Hi has this problem been solved ?