Problem with text and tags

I’m having trouble managing my text. Let’s say I make an object and I add dimensions and text to it. I then give the object a tag and the dimensions and text a different tag. In theory I should then be able to either hide the object or the text/dimensions. Except, when I hide the object, the text disappears too. It’s as if the text is a child of the object but I can’t see any way of unparenting it. The dimensions behave correctly - only hiding when their tag is hidden - unaffected by the visibility of the object. Hope that makes sense. Thanks for any help.

Thanks! That was exactly the behaviour I’m getting - but it’s only the text I can’t control. The dimensions are fine.

This is what you could do

Make Groups and assign Tags, not directly to raw geometry.

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Aha! Thanks so much - it’s been driving me mad. Cut and paste in place works perfectly.

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Keep in mind that it is generally not a good idea to tag raw geometry as is being shown in the GIF. Instead, the geometry should remain untagged and the group or component should get the tag. Dimensions can be created outside of a group or component with no problem. Area labels need to be attached to the face but once created, they can be cut out of the group and pasted in place as mihai shows.

You could also do the dimensioning and labeling in LayOut. You will have better control over them and they will look better. You have more options for what the labels can show automatically. All of the labels in my screen shot are auto text and there are many more options that could be added.

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Note that Cut > exit group > paste (the text) in place leaves you with text that is no longer attached to the group in any way. It’s just a cosmetic clumsy solution.
You may need to wrap text plus group into another group but that’s cumbersome and still clumsy.
Or you could possibly live with the fact that the text just disappears when there’s no object visible when disabling its tag. Why should there be text visible anyway.

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I wanted to output my elements separately (shading, lines and text) so that I could assemble them ‘artistically’ in Photoshop.

Thanks everyone for the quick response. I’ll take a look at layout too.

You could do the same thing with image exports from LayOut if you want.

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