Problem with rendering

I’m new to sketchup, so hi to everyone.

I’m having problem during render with vray.
I’m importing image to use it as texture. In preview everything looks fine, but after render, the image has some gray lines over it. I’ve messed with render parameters, but no luck with getting rid of them.

Do You know what may help ?

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Is the image attached to another surface? Sometimes these lines/patterns happen with “z” fighting in the render.

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Yes, it’s attached to the surface

So I would cut a hole in that surface or just move this image forward a tiny amount so both planes are not fighting for the same space and I think those lines will go away.

As-tu essayé d’autres images dans les même conditions ? Et ça produits le même chose.?
Essai de faire la même chose avec une autre image et voie le résultat.

Si cela produits la même chose. Ce un problème de paramétrage. Mais si non ce un problème d’images.

Yes, this is exatly geometry overlaping.
Here I tried to recreate this to prove this

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