Graphic issues with both the model itself and Vray


I’m having some graphic issues with my model which I hope you guys can give me some help with.

I have modeled som buildings and I discovered that all the models and components have weird grey triangles along the edges. It can be seen in this PNG image i exported from the model:

Why does the edges look like that? It seems to have nothing to do with hidden gemoetry. I don’t understand so I would really appreciate an explanation.

The other and more urgent problem is that I have serious problems rendering with V-ray. To show you the problem I added som textures (a Vray default material) to the buildings. But when I try to render with Vray the resulting image is very pixelated or “polygonated”. Have i accidentally enabled a certian view mode or filter or something? The images in the links below visualizes my problem. Again, any help would be much appreciated.
Image of model with textures
Poor image rendered with Vray

I opened up a new session of SketchUp whith an empty template and created a simple cylinder and tested the same things. But it did’nt have any of those issues so the problems seems to be isolated to the specific model file.

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It looks like z-fighting where you have more than one plane in the same 3D space and SketchUp or V-Ray can’t decide which of the two (or more) planes to show.

The rendered image does look a bit rough. I’m not sure if that’s because of your overlapping planes or not. Clean up your SketchUp model first, then look at the render problem if it’s not fixed by cleaning up the model.

We could see better if you shared the SketchUp model or a small piece of it that exhibits the problem.

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Hi again,

I think my model is pretty clean. But I cleaned it up as good as I could and the problems still persist. I also removed a bunch of stuff so I can upload it here. I would really appreciate if you could take a minute to troubleshoot the model since I’m really getting nowhere by myself. The model is attached below:

City Model (Sketchup Community).skp (1.4 MB)

There was some z-fighting on a plane on the ground outside the front door, but mostly this was not a z-fighting issue.

The camera was all messed up. In parallel projection, the camera was a huge distance away from your house and it was causing some strange effects. I haven’t changed your model, only reset the camera and added a couple of scenes. I’ve left the old “Problem” and “Render View” scenes so you can see that it’s the camera not the model. You still need to fix the two layers of tiles outside the front door.

Note that my copies of your scenes are only roughly approximate. I can’t copy the camera location as that was the main problem.

City Model (Sketchup Community) GM.skp (1.3 MB)

Wow! Thank you! It was indeed a problem with the cameras. Now everything looks fine! Both the edges in the model and the Vray render look as they are supposed to.

What was your method for resetting the camera? I tried to do it by switching from Parallell Projection to Perspective and back againg, then I clicked button “Zoom Extents” and it seemed to work. But do you have another trick?

The same view rendered with Vray but now without graphic issues:

A huge thank you, McGordon!

I used a Ruby script which doesn’t do anything clever, it just puts the camera back at a sensible distance from the origin. It helped diagnose the problem by showing the current position of the camera. I’m on my phone just now so I can’t paste it in. It was something like 220km away from the origin if I remember correctly.

You could also fix it by doing what you did too or by using the place camera tool.

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