Problem with AutoShape


I’m new to SU for iP and I’m having a problem with the AutoShape feature. I draw a shape the way it’s done in the little videos that are included in the app, but nothing happens. I can draw simple geometric shapes without any problems, but not windows or doors. When I draw something, the box that has “Distance: 0.00m” appears, but not the door or window. I draw them in the exact same order as in the videos.
Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance.

On iPad you can set a screen recording going. You could do that, try the AutoShape, and we may see what is different for you by looking at your recording.

@MikeTadros would be interested, I’m sure!

Thanks for your reply. I tried it again with a new model and now I get the window, but on the floor! (not much use there and rather dangerous if left open! :grinning:). I’m attaching a video

I repro’d what you did: your wall was push-pulled to have thickness: triple-tap on it and make it a group, THEN use AutoShape and it should work.


Sometimes I have to draw a shape a billion times to get it to appear, and yes, you are correct, there are times it appears wherever it feels like it.

And then every once in a while one that I had given up on just pops in, in the middle of doing something else as if it has been thinking about it the whole time.

Honestly, I kind of gave up on the live component feature and just model whatever door or window I need and make it a regular old component. There hasn’t been nearly enough consistency with the feature for me to find it more useful than frustrating.

If it’s my technique causing the issue, it’s still frustrating enough to make me avoid it.

Hello Barry

Thank you very much for your reply. You’re right! I did what you said and it worked like a charm.
Question: It seems to me that AutoShape only works when your iPad is connected to the internet. Is this true? I tried it while connected and while not and it only seemed to work while connected.

Auto shape leverages live components which need an internet connection to be created.


Hello Aaron

Thanks for the confirmation. I watched your video tutorial on this again to see and yes (of course) you mentioned this. I had missed it the first time. I’m still so amazed that I can draw doors and windows this way and even modify dimensions, colors, materials, even types. :+1:t3::+1:t3::+1:t3::bangbang:

Fred (one of the only ones).

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If you look at the learn option in auto shape, all of the raw geometry entries will work when you are offline. Only the lower entries need to download a component.