Auto Shape tool does not generate doors or windows

SketchUp for iPad on iPad Pro M4 with Apple Pencil Pro.

After using the desktop version for years, I am just getting familiar with SU for iPad.

I cannot get the Auto Shape tool to generate doors or windows per the Learn Demo. I have tried with grouped objects and ungrouped surfaces. I emulate the demo exactly; the result is only a surface selection.

Thanks for any advice.

For me, the first window I tried worked ok. Then subsequent windows didn’t work, even the one I had first drawn ok.

My M1 and Pencil 2 is at the office, so I can’t be sure if me now using M4 and Pencil Pro is significant. I can try on Monday.

@MikeTadros may have ideas too.

I managed 2 doors and a window but now can’t create anything

Im new to Sketchup for iPad , I was learning auto shapes, first try I was able to generate a widow and a sliding door, Now I can’t draw anymore on auto shape only circles or squares. Why?

This morning, I generated one door and then nothing except circles and rectangles. This mirrors what others in this thread have experienced.

This morning, I returned to my file with one door but could not create any new Live Components.

A clue to what is going on is selecting the door that did import and then selecting Enity Info. The control panel for modifying the door does not appear and is hung on “Connecting to Server.”

I thought this might help in fixing this bug.

Yes, that was a good idea!

I will ask the Live Component team if they can think of a reason the connection isn’t made the second time around.

Additional Issues with the Auto Shape tool.

I cannot get any actions to work below the Extruded Polygon demo in the Learn Auto Shape Guide.

Yes, I see that too.

Those later ones are also live components, even if they are simpler looking.

I have the same exact problem, can’t use the auto shape at all