Problem with 2D Export related to camera setting



I am seeing corruption in 2D graphic exports (png, jpg etc), blocks of the image are darkened as seen in this image

After some tinkering I discovered that this seems to be related to the camera setting, as going to Advanced Camera Tools and resetting the camera, the issue goes away:

Put it back to 35mm and it returns… I can reproduce this on my MacBook Pro (late 2011) and my PC (Windows 10/Nvidia M4000).

Seems like a bug to me?


This has been covered a number of times on the forum. It’s one of the benefits of installing Vray. See this:


Thanks for the info, yes I have got Vray, and sorry I didn’t find the previous posts myself! I wonder if the issue still occurs if Vray is not installed but the user selects (say) the 35mm camera using the Advanced camera tools (in which case it really is a SU problem not a Vray problem…?


There have been no reports that I’ve seen in which this shows up without Vray. I don’t use Vray and haven’t run into this problem myself.


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