Exporting image issues since downloading vray



I am using 2017 (windows 64) recently downloaded VRAY for sketchup but just developed or noticed an issue exporting 2d images which I have not had before. Could really use some help identifying the issue.
Is this something anyone has had experience with solving?


What version of Vray ?

Are your export issues with exporting from SketchUp, … or Vray ?

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Exporting from Sketchup - 2D image . A few minutes earlier I had no issues exporting from Sketchup. After experimenting with the VRAY render options I went back to exporting from Sketchup with the results I posted.
Here is the VRAY information I have (free 30 day trial download)

thank you for your help and sorry for posting in the wrong area. I need to work on that.


I am actually aware of this issue.
It is due to “safe frame” they have decided to put in. Which is a built-in feature of SketchUp, but it actually problems like this.

In the “V-ray Asset Editor”, go to “Render Output”, turn off “safe frame”, then export.

@thomthom I wasn’t the only one. It seems fine on exports somewhere less than 1000px, but anything above has some sort of black lines. (And this seems to be an issue with SU 2017)


Even with the latest maintenance release?


Thank you this worked!



I will check this.

Yes, even with the latest maintenance release (M2)


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