Problem using scenes

I created 2 scenes, one as a full 3D view of building, the other scene using a section cut to create a floor plan. The section cut under the VIEW menu when applied to the Floor Plan scene also is active in the 3D Perspective scene. How do I have the section cut apply to only one scene?

When you update/make a scene, you can control the settings at the bottom, click the black box in the corner to expand your scene window.

Style controls visibility of section cuts.
Style is a saved property of a Scene.

If you want two Scenes:
• One Scene with section cuts visible
• One Scene with section cuts not visible

Then you must create two Styles:
• One Style with section cuts visible
• One Style with section cuts not visible.

Thank you for a very clear explanation about the relationship between Styles and Scenes. The Model Settings was where I could control the application of a Section Cut.