Problem creating solid revolution from a face

tried to find a solution to this reading the forum and everywhere w/o success:

I have a face from which I want to create a solid object by rotating this face around the vertical axis. Follow me doesn’t work, because:

  • the face is shifted
  • I don’t want the face actually to follow a path as this requires the face to be repositioned (to be rotated so it is perpendicular to the path while following up) which is not what I need.

The end object is defined as “what would be the solid produced by a face rotating around the Z axis”.

Here is an example

Try Upright Extruder extension by Eneroth, from EW.

It keeps the face orientation the same as it extrudes around the circle.


Thank you very much, this is exactly what I need. The only problem is that when I try it the resulting object has a lot of missing faces and at some origins have just mesh lines… Checking what could be the reason for that

Likely your model is too small and you are running into the tiny face problem. Faces fail to from at extremely low tolerances, although these faces can exist once formed. Scale the object up by 1000x and do the operation then scale it back down. Or make it a component, and scale up a second instance of the component to perform the operation on, then erase the scaled up version. Commonly called the “Dave Method”.