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Hello, My licence expires next month, and there is a subscription available to buy now on offer with 20% off for Cyber week. Is is possible to purchase now and delay install for when my licence expires next month ? Thanks

Since youu are using SketchUp 2023, presumably it’s your subscription that expires next month. Is that right? You should contact customer support to make certain but I believe you could renew your subscription now and it would just add on to from the expiration date of your current subscription. Nothing to delay or install.

Thanks Dave, yes my annual subscription is due on the 6th December.
If I add the product to my basket online, it just calculates the amount due pro-rata until my renewal date, so looks like I will need to speak to customer services.

Black Friday/Cyber Monday discounts are usually for new purchases, so for new customers and customers who want an extra subscription and not for renewals…

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Good point. Id forgotten that.

Still might be worth checking with Customer Service directly.

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