Pro Licence issues

Bought Pro licence 2nd Sept 2021 - stopped working yesterday - I have no serial number just an email confirming purchase and a link for downloading the latest version - do you think I can get Sketchup tech support - Nothing… useless

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

You won’t have a serial number since you have a subscription. All it should require is signing into SketchUp with the e-mail address and password you used when you purchased it. The subscription requres that you sign in every 28 days. Very likely all you need to do is sign in again.

anyway appreciate your help DaveR

One of the tricks to getting help from people that are voluntarily offering their help is to provide information that helps us help you.
Jumping up and down doesn’t help. We understand your frustration, but it doesn’t help.
IOS is the mobile version of Mac which is unlikely to be your Operating system, or graphic card.
Explaining what is happening with screenshots, any error messages and anything that may be pertinent can help.
I’m going to assume you use one of the mac systems and as I don’t use Mac I doubt I can help, but others will can will find more info useful.

does the operating system really make a difference to having a SU licence fail? jumping up and down when the so called sketchup support is non existent is sometimes required - its called venting and when your business is affected by it, it is bloody well justifiable - its the 21st century and a global software company is relying on free community support to solve their software licensing issues because they won’t or are just too unless to care! sorry but that is just good old fashioned bullshit customer service…

Yes it can be significant. But I’m not interested.

You need to modify your product access if you unchecked the ‘autoassign’ option when you bought it: