Pro 2018 Dynamic Components


I am trying to see if Dynamic Components can do what I want on a pro trial, and am finding the Component Options box remains blank. I am following the tutorial. Is this feature restricted in the trial version, or am I doing something wrong?

Note, the component attributes box seems to be working as indicated.

Thanks in advance for any help.Dynamic Purlin.skp (91.5 KB)


Upload the file.




So you don’t see anything in Component Options at all? I see as below.

My first suspicion is incorrect installation of SketchUp. When you installed it, did you right click on the installer exe and choose Run as administrator? Or did you do something else?


Working as expected for me too.


Well, when I made the post, I had one day left on the trial. I did not see the options menu, it was blank. Turns out, one day means less than one day. I bought the pro license, and now i see the options menu how you illustrate it too. It works as advertised. I don’t know if it is because I bought pro, or because I closed it and re-opened.
Sketch-up is very powerful. It might be helpful for others who want to know if the trial version of pro can do dynamic components.
Thanks for your feedback.


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