Printing larger sized LO pages to more smaller pages like A3 as a poster

I do have a layout file with several A1 designs and would like to print those with a A4 or A3 printer but keeping the right A1 scaled size and taping them later together as an A1.

What are the best steps to do that under OSX?
The LO document has more then one page!


This can be a little involved if you want to achieve good results. crop marks need to be placed, and a little overlap is typically added in as well.

I’d probably run this through another program entirely. Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, or Acrobat all have options for Poster Tiling built into their own printer dialog window.

To best take advantage of those you can export from SketchUp to a pdf file. . . or use the OS X ‘save to pdf’ options that are built into the OS’s normal Print Dialog Box. while doing this set your document size to the A1 layout size.

Open the results of this effort in one of the programs I mentioned and send it off to printer again… but this time keep your eye out for Poster Tiling options that are typically found under the Page Handling settings.

If your not interested in going outside of the SkecthUp/Layout workflow, then let me know and I’ll help you out with other options. . . if someone else doesn’t beat me to it.

If we’re to take the SU/LO only approach… then please attach a working file that you’d like to do this on, and we’ll make that happen instead.

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It is easy to export to PDF and then use the Poster print option to print on smaller sheets.

That is when using AR or Windows. But on the Mac I try to avoid Acrobat Readers as a Plague.

Why is that?

How do you view PDF files, then?

On the mac there is default application called ,Preview,. You can do ‘Almost’ everything. Scanning, screenshots, Audit/edit /annotation pdf, draw, add text insert other pdf, reorder pages, images and more, except ‘POSTER’. It opens ‘almost’ everything what is graphical.

The problem with Adobe is, that it want to integrate too far, without giving you control over that. It irritates. Its not a helper app, it is intruding, like flash, it keeps popping up. Like your wife starts singing and the neighbors dog take it over. :wink:

‘Like your’ should be ‘Like the’

No fair! I had a mouthful of coffee when I read that! :smiley:

I guess I haven’t had this problem with Acrobat Reader on either my Mac or my PC.

There are a number of other PDF readers available for Mac. Maybe one of them would be suitable.

There are poster and banner app’s but I keep the App count as low as possible.

But why not in SK and LO them self a poster option?

Thank you.