Printing images i have dropped into sketchup

hi all,
a few weeks ago ,i tried to print out a scaled plan of a B17 bomber, from my sketchup 2016 low fat. it entailed dragging and dropping a series of fuselage drawings into my sketchup window. resizing them, exploding, edit and join together to make 1 side elevation. no problem. i then did something else ( can’t remember what.) and printed the drawing in a reduced, fit to page scale to see if it worked. to my amazement, all went well and the revised boeing drawings came out in crystal clear glory, bulkheads, stiffeners etc no problem . great. until now…
today tried to do it again to the correct scale and all i get is an outline of the shape of the fuselage with vertical lines where the drawings meet. for the life of me i don’t know what i’m missing. i suspect its a simple fix , but i’m stuffed until i remember how i did it. any ideas, would be more than welcome. cheers

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