Printing crashes

software crashes every time I try to print, not real happy with this software.

Are you asking for help? If so, how about providing some useful information. Please also update your profile with the correct information about the version of SketchUp you are using. Currently it shows contradictory license type and version.

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sketchup make 2017?


Did you install it correctly? That is, did you right click on the installer and choose Run as administrator?

Are the graphics drivers up to date? What card is it, specifically?

Are you sure SketchUp is using that instead of the integrated Intel graphics?

What are you trying to print?

What kind of printer?

Are you getting bug splats? If so, are you sending them with your e-mail address so they can be identified?

If you’d like help, please ask an actual question and provide useful information to help diagnose the problem.

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I’m trying to print to a PDF writer. Seems like there is a lot of the same question in this forum and a lot of the same response, maybe the installer needs to be a little more self help? I’m a software guy, not on a computer once every two months, and found it a little odd the question and answer forum. Likely not to get a good customer base by calling people stupid for not telling you exactly what you need, it’s fine, I think I understand, all good. No help required. I’ll test some other products.

I never called you stupid. I asked you to provide some useful information so that we could help you sort out the issue. I guess you don’t need it sorted after all.

I guess where I’m going Dave, I see a lot of the same questions regarding your product, for my products I develop, I look for the common questions/easy fixes, and then work to alleviate that, so that the less common problems are all that exist. Is it your product?

I’m just a user. It’s not my product. I’m a sage here giving my time for free to help others learn to use the program. Evidently you don’t want or need my help so I’m out on this one.

Fair enough, sorry!