Printing 2D surfaces from 3D body


Hello all!

So i drew this 3D quartz shaped body that ill be making glass geometric terrarium from…

Its 3D and surfaces are rotated so i cannot measure it properly or draw a sketch from it…

Basically i want to print each surface on a paper so i can cut glass shape from it then solder it… Or view each surface with front view so i can trace them on paper directly from my monitor…

Any suggestions please?


You could use the Flattery extension to unfold the shape and lay it out flat or you could use Unwrap and Flatten Faces.

Please complete the IT questions in your profile with useful information; SketchUp version and license as well as graphics card.


Right-click on a face and select Align View:


This will give you a perpendicular view:


You should probably turn off Perspective and use Parallel Projection for best results.


Ive tried and had no success in my goal… Installed flattery but i dont see it in extension bar…

Here is my model so, so if anyone can help i would appreciate :slight_smile:


How about uploading the SKP file instead.

Where did you look for Flattery after installing it?

What version of SketchUp are you using? You still haven’t updated your profile.


Updated… thank you!

Ive uploaded sketchup file… it isnt good?

Ive seen it unabled in my extensions, restarted program and then didnt see it on extension tab


You uploaded the SKB file. Upload the SKP file instead. You can upload it directly to the forum by clicking on the Upload button, 7th from the left in the row above the message window.

Did you look in the Preferences>Extensions? Is it enabled or disabled? Did you look for its toolbar in View>Toolbars?


In order of operations…

• Unfold
• Make a copy of each printable portion
• Print each portion to scale

quartz_unfolded.skp (26.4 KB)

Quartz_Print.pdf (35.9 KB)

Printing to Scale — SketchUp Sage

EDIT … skp file back-saved to SU 2016


Omg geo is that really it?

haha thank u so much… this is really nice of you! Great respond all thanks.

Ive opened pdf file but for sketchup, it says the version is higher… i have 2016 :frowning:


Try it now.



To my knowledge there are three unfolding plugins available.
Thanks to @slbaumgartner, my favorite, jf_unfold, was recently updated to work in SU 2016 and newer.
Thanks to @jim_foltz for permission to re-release it to the community.

jf_unfold_2018 prgsbar.rbz (4.2 KB)

The .rbz file includes the following:
• jf_unfoldtool_2018.rb
• progressbar.rb

EDIT: Oops … thanks for noticing that @DaveR

Sketchup Unfold Tool

@Geo, that file is empty. The first clue is the file size.