Print from SketchUp for ipad

Slowly getting to grips with SketchUp for IPad, but can’t seem to find how to print. Any ideas?

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I’m the same! Very frustrating

Yep. Same issue. Anyone found a solution?

For now : Open your model in the browser via and use the print option.

Hi that works. Also found if you go to Scenes and then Export, you can print from there, but not to AirPrint.
Thanks for your reply.

ah nice spot!

Well if you don’t want to do it via the browser, the other option once you have exported an image from the scenes dialogue as a PNG , is you can then print it from the Photos app - which is where IOS puts it when you save it, or if you’ve saved it to the files app, you’ll also see an option to “print”

You, know, in all the years I’ve had an iPad, I don’t think I’ve ever tried to print anything from it! Will have to look at this.

My mind was blown the first time I saw my printer appear on my iphone.
However I so infrequently use a printer, it dried out and can’t print now.

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