How to print in MySketchup?

Maybe this is a feature request, but it would be great to have the ability to print from MySketchup. A saved view that includes a timestamp, author, and maybe other author-editable fields would be stellar.

So far I’ve just been taking a screenshot which causes a loss in granularity.


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Save the SKP file and open it in Desktop SketchUp. Print from there.

Yes- There aren’t currently any printing features available in my.SketchUp. Given the way that browsers interrupt the traditional printing infrastructure in your OS, this is actually an area where we have to do some real head scratching to get it to all work right. But we’ve got some ideas, and we’re continuing to launch new features all the time.


I like my.sketchup because there isn’t a Linux desktop version. But that leaves me without the ability to print.

I’d envision the online print function would be like Google Docs: I click print and get a Sketchup-specific print dialog (page size, fit extents, fit current view, specific scale, etc) and after making my choices, it’d send me a PDF of the drawing. Since I typically don’t want to print on paper anyway, having the PDF of the drawing is all I need.

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Thanks, guys- keep those ideas coming! I recognize the importance of being able to share your models with folks, and printing a quick drawing is one of the best ways to do that.

In addition to that, have you guys coinsidered sharing a 3D model view with your clients? Something like the 3D model view that you get access to by sharing your model to 3D Warehouse? Would you use that if we made it more convenient and secure (in other words, if you didn’t have to share publically) to use?


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my.sketchup allows me to use Linux and Chromebook…would appreciate the ability to print without the full client. Taking screenshots and printing as a work around.

We’re not quite done with my.SketchUp yet, and printing is one of the things we haven’t completed yet. For now, a screenshot is the best option. But, we’re launching new stuff every couple of weeks, so keep your eyes open for updates.


As a workaround while the MySketchup team does their thing:

You can print from the browser. It takes a bit of work to center the model on the page, and the result is not good enough to present to client IMO. But, if you just need some work documents, it might suffice.

Hi John,

Is there a plan to add a print feature to the browser version?


See John’s comment, second above yours.

This may not be the correct thread, but it does do with printing. On the desktop version you can pick a model that has a white background. This helps save ink when printing. because the print comes off with just the black lines that we have drawn. Right now the background is gray which uses extra ink when printing. Anyone know how to get a white or blank background? Thanks Mike

Select a different style in the Styles window.

Easy. Thank you for the help

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Just wondering when or if Print will be added? seems like a pretty straight forward addition unless I’m misunderstanding something?


The print function is achieved via the print function in the browser, not within the app UI.

It seems pretty functional to me.

When i go into my browser and select print, this is all i get.
Thanks for the quick reply!

You want to change the page layout to landscape and the paper size to something larger, A4 I guess if you are on a standard printer?

I prefer Chrome over Safari, not that it makes much difference but the SketchUp team have said that it’s more stable on Chrome.

Using the browser’s print function rasterizes the image. That’s about the same as a screenshot. The desktop version of Sketchup has HLR mode where the resulting PDF is vector-based and can be scaled up to any size without losing quality.

Try zooming in on the PDF made with a browser’s print feature… it only looks good for small images.