Printing from web version of sketchup

New user here looking for some help on how I can print a model from sketchup free. Cant seem to figure it out.

Top left of the screen, click the folder icon and choose download .stl

What are you wanting to print? An image or a 3D print. If an image, save it to your computer and print that. Click on the File folder icon as Box mentioned.

says i need to choose an app from the web to download it.

Does this help?

I want to print the the entire model. When i click on the file box, i dont have an option to save to desktop…unless of course i am totally missing something.

Are you talking about printing an image or sending to a 3D printer? Please tell us what sort of print you are trying to make.

If you want to make an image to print, set up the view you want and click on Download PNG. If you want to save the STL file for 3D printing, save the STL file.

got it…thanks for the help

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Since Shop was released, the way to print from SketchUp for Web (both Free and Shop) have changed.
Currently, the Download button will only download the skp file. The Export button will export everything else - STL, PNG, etc, which you can then use to print the image to paper or using a 3D Printer.
If you would like to print directly to a printer or a PDF, most browsers now have a browser menu option to print, and most will have an option to print as PDF.
The model may need to be moved around the space a bit to make it fit the print area, if you use that option. Choosing Landscape is often a good idea as well.