Export project to another sketchup program

Hi there, I hope I can explain this issue well… basically I started modelling a model on sketchup for web feemium and so I created an account. The thing is that i need to print it and I don’t know if I can send the STL file to who will print it for me, for free, because I tried to download it and it tells me that there is a price… I also tried to install sketchup pro 2021 (the trial) on my pc with the same account but the model that i already made is not there. How can I do to have my project on the other program? And is it necessary to me to use the sketchup that I installed on my pc to export and print my model? Or can I do this only by using sketchup for web?

You should be able to download an .stl file directly from SU Web.
Use the download option and choose .stl.