Preferences File location for Model

I don’t want a file location for models. Since updating from 2016 there’s a default file location for your models under preferences. This is a real hassle, and I can’t seem to delete it. Is there someway to override this?

You have to have some location to save your model file to. You can choose a location when you initially save the file, though. You don’t have to use the default location. Once it is saved into whatever directory you put it in, it will save to that location during subsequent saves.

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Yes, of course: choose another location. This is how it has worked with pretty much all applications where you can create files for decades.

My experience on my Mac is that no matter where the original file is saved, it keeps bringing up the “Documents” folder for updated files etc. ( cause this is the one it’s set to) for renamed files etc.) It also appears to block certain folders as “offerings” (MacOS remembers folders recently used and gives a shortlist of offered places to save or open files). It’s a noticeable change of behavior–it took me a while to guess at what was causing this. My experience is it’s not the way that any other program works and whatever logic it is, I end up with files now in the wrong place. But I guess I have to live with the changes.

Sorry you’re wrong monospaced.

I’ve been using SketchUp for many years on Macs, and when I save a file the first time, I always get to choose a folder. From that point forward, whenever I save that same file, it always saves in the same location. Same goes for “Save as.”

Used to work like that for me.

the stored preference is used for all ‘new’ file saves…

the current model file folder is used for all others…

so, if you open from ‘Downloads’, both ‘Save’ and ‘Save As’ will start at ‘Downloads’, but you can change that easily…


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Thanks for the comments!