Getting SketchUp to automatically save where files is opened

Hi is there a way to get Sketchup to auto save it to where you have opened a file.

Yes I can see that you can change the preferences (MAC), but this only set a specific folder.
I want Sketch to remember where I have opened a file and save it in that file without me telling it.

Hope someone knows.

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Hey thanks Dan.

Yes but this still does not explain how to get Sketchup to save in the file it is opened in automatically. Without changing the preference for each project model.

I recently had a piece of work that was crashing repeatedly and so the AutoSave files started appearing as the new title on recovery. Normally I never see these files as they are erased when Sketchup closes correctly. Nice that Sketchup prompted the recovery on it’s own, with multiple crashes I ended up with several files with AutoSave prefixed 3 times in the file name. But @lukestar the AutoSave labeled files are deleted each time sketchup closes correctly as it’s assumed you no longer need it. I just checked, my Autosave folder under library/application support is empty. Are you looking for a backup of every file in the original folder?

I’ve just been having a similar and confusing problem.

I open a file from Downloads.

My default folder for a new file is a subfolder of Documents.

When I SAVE the file from Downloads after editing it, I’m not sure where it goes - sometimes Sketchup just (I think) puts it in the default folder for new files.

Anyway, when I open Finder, even after saving and closing the file in SU, it doesn’t appear in Finder in Downloads, though the backup file does.

Yet when I reopen the file in SU using Open Recent, and try to Save As… and select the Downloads folder, the file IS already there. Weird.

Using Mac El Capitan, updated to latest, and SU Pro 2017, also latest.

Finder can be a bit slow in updating, and occasionally needs an ⌥ + R-click >> Restore, to get it back in sync…


That may be the problem. I’ll try that next time it happens. Thanks for tip

I have askked Sketchup technical for help on this. Let see if they respond and and can fix it.

Here is the issue I posted to them

"How to I get sketch to automatically save in the folder it is opened in and get the autosave to save to this file with out going to the preference and changing them for each project t. I have posted this on the forum and no one knows.

So if I go the a folder in on my Mac and and click on the sketch file to open it. then click save as it should then open the same location. Most programs do this but not sketch. It open the Auto save file…how dumb is this. So you have find the file overtime. Also if you just click save it is save to the Auto Save file location not the fold you last use, hence lot of users are loosing there files.
This needs to be fixed its very annoying and lot of uses have the same problem."

FYI, This issue does not happen on Windows platform.

If we open SketchUp directly, start a new model, modify it, then Save As…, the file dialog opens to where the Preferences > Files > Models path points.

If we instead double-click a SKP file in some folder elsewhere, then Save As…, the file dialog opens to where the file was opened from.

So this must be a Mac only issue.

The Windows editions have always had the “Files” panel in the Preferences dialog, but this was a very recent addition to the Mac edition. Seems like there is “wrinkle” to iron out in the Mac implementation.

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