Preferences.dat file Crash

I Keep getting this error when I import my Shortcuts from 2018. I dont have any of the shortcuts in question. Does anyone have a solution?

Crash Report #35122

Sorry you just crashed!

This crash can be caused when importing a Preferences.dat file that contains a shortcut assigned as an arrow key, Ctrl -, or Ctrl =.

Prior to attempting to re-import, try removing these shortcuts.

Can you show us the file? You may have to change the extension to .txt in order to load directly in a forum post.

Open the .dat file with Notepad++ and delete the unwanted lines
Remember to change the Count=NN to suit the shortened list

I was able to open in notepad and see that I had a CTRL = from an old uninstalled extension. When I save the update on notepad and change the extension back to .dat I cant import into sketchup because it doesnt see the file. its showing up as txt type file still. How do I go about changing the type?

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