Post the description of an extension in several languages?


Do you know if it is possible to create description text of an extension in several languages?
On EW there is a bottom menu where you can select a language and have the canvas text in the language (for example: download - télécharger - descarga - etc.). But as an extension developer, I can’t find a way to insert a translation in the description. Or did I miss a command somewhere?

if you’re a developer - use resource strings as the means of supporting multiple languages. then allow a person to select the language of their choice and persist those, etc.

if you’re just embedding text into your script(s) and want several translations of the text - if you don’t speak/read/write those language - consider a translator program (i use Bing and Google translate then copy translated version into each other to test and hopefully avoid weird and unfriendly translations…) and then just paste in with comment bracketing…

I do not think the question is related to the translation of extension itself.

Rather, I think the topic owner wants the description of the extension to follow the chosen language when the user changes language in the EW.



BTW. I guess it is not possible currently.


In my experience, don’t expect it to be available lately. The development of EW is known to be a very-very low priority.


Thanks Dezmo for completing my question with a screenshot. You understood my question perfectly. I also think that there is no solution for the moment. But maybe I had missed something, hence my question.

This is currently not supported. My advise would be to write the original and translated descriptions next after each other as separate paragraphs. You could even write “(English below)” as a separate paragraph on top if you start with the other language.

I would also advice against any kind of automatic translations. Only publish actual and correct translations. If the end user wants a computer made translation, they can create one themselves, to their language of choice.

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Thank you Christina for your answer which confirms what Dezmo and I thought. I can only hope that this feature will exist in the not too distant future.

We do have a staffing problem for EW. Things are moving in the right direction but it’ll take time. Once there is capacity I think the priority will be bugfixes and low hanging fruits, but in time I hope we can get proper localization support.