Possible to export animation (all scenes) as DWG?

I can export the entire scene lineup as Export → Animation.
I can export each individual scene as Export → 2D Graphic… → DWG.

Is there a way to export ALL scenes as DWG, as a batch?

I don’t know of a plugin that does that but I remember some time ago a guy wanted to export all his scenes as png’s and he or someone else wrote a script for him to do it, I guess it’s possible to do it for dwg files as well. Probably @dezmo could be able to help you with that if he has time and „Lust“

Unfortunately that is not as easy as it sounds.

The build in 2d dwg/dxf export is not exposed to API. …as I mentioned in this devenloper topic.

The solution - by DanRathbun - that can be found there is perhaps not the most “expected” solution because it need user interaction, but it can be good enough. However, it does not fully cover the request here, since it is exporting the views predefined in a plugin, and not the scenes.

There is also an alternative in this topic (I’m not sure how suitable it is…)

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