Possible to build a 3D model off of a plat?

New Homeowner and want to try and build out my lot and house in SketchUp. But I’m not sure what the best way to interpolate a Plat with Latitude/Longitude numbers.

Anyone got any tips?

For my own reference (though others may know), what is a Plat?

Ideally, posting what you are working from will yield better results than a post with just a question.

You might start here by reading up on the geo-location function….

a Plat Map is essentially a legal survey + description of the property which typically has all the coordinates + positioning of buildings, key features & infrastructure, easements, etc. usually filed with the district (county, etc) property / tax office.

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Note that typically the coordinates used in a plat map are not the same lat/long coordinates used in Geolocation in SketchUp (and online maps like Google Maps). Local maps are made in a rectangular x/y/z system and the latter are in a global, spherical format.
It is also not feasible to use true map coordinates in a 3D application unless you live, say, within a mile or two from the map’s origin. Usually it is thousands of miles away.

Are you referring to actual latitude and longitude or maybe numbers like those circled here?
Screenshot - 6_29_2022 , 7_22_43 AM

There’s an ancient plugin that will take those numbers and generate the outline of the lot. It doesn’t support curves but there’s generally enough information to draw those in with native tools.

Is there a name for that plugin or is not available anymore? I searched both Sketchucation and SU warehouse and couldn’t find it. Thanks.

It’s called SurveyTool.rb. I think it’s on Sketchucation but haven’t had time to look.

Thank you!

Only one I found was on SU site " 2DXY SiteSurvey tools" and even supports curves. It’s a paid extension with a trial period. Looks well worth the price if you do a lot of site survey work… I don’t.

ahhh, a site survey!