Possible Extension - Non-Used Materials option

I have a question. Does anyone know if there is an extension or an option within sketchup that allows you to see what materials that you have not used already? I think this would help me out a ton when I am importing my models into lumion. I would be able to search through materials that I have not already used in sketchup so that I do not waste any of my time. I would love to go through a large model and only have to texture all of my materials once.

Thanks all.

There are options to do that without plugins.

  1. Go to the material editor and hit the little house icon to go to the In Model option, then click the arrow shaped Icon next to the drop down menu and you’ll get a fly out menu, on there you will find Purge Unused.

  2. Menu Window/Model Info/Statistics and hit the purge unused button.

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