Is there an extension or plugin that summarizes my use of materials used in a project?


I wonder if there is a plugin that can recollect visually all the SKU materials already used in project?
Or that would tell you when you want to use it again “warning this has already been used”

It’s makes it very ugly in SKU when applying just any colour or different material in SKU just to be able to single out a material later on at the render stage.

Or maybe something that automatically changes the name of material 1 to 2 or 3 when used multiple times so in render by name they would appear as different.

I once installed Kerythea materials into SKU and they have several materials that look nearly the same but have different numbers which is then easy to change.

Thank you.

I don’t know about “summarize” but if you purge your model, the materials left in the “In Model” section of the Materials browser are the one that are in use in your model.

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Quantifier pro can make a list of all the materials you’ve used, but it’s a paid extension and using it only for that would be a waste, cause this plugin can make a lot more than that, like estimate costs of a construction, and generate a report of the entire model and export it to excel. You can try the extension for 15 days though.

Thank you. Have never done the purging for that. Will try it out

Thank you very much for taking the time to let me know
I will look at the cost. I more of an eternal hobbyist.

You have also FredoTools::ReportLabelArea, which is free.

It compiles areas in the model, but since one report is by material, you also have the list of materials used in the model.


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Thank you
I have bought a hole lot of Freddo
but since the updates suggested I haven’t managed to get to use them again
they show up on the icons but refuse to function
I am in SKU19 and will not upgrade I am a hobbyist
For example to tool to round edges I have not managed
I even bought freddo two times once.
You kindly offered to refun but still since then I can’t make it work

xxcopy paste xxx
Should I try to UNINSTALL all of these Fredo plugins and reinstall?

Do I need to restart SU again after each installation?

the autoupdate not seems to work

I re downloaded Fredo Corners installed it through the Extention manager

and restarted SU and now the three Fredo symbols don’t show at all in my upper tabs

although in the manager they show as enabled and signed etc



On Thu, Jan 5, 2023 at 12:12 PM SketchUcation Support <> wrote:


We can refund the latest.

You just need to update your extensions. Use our Sketchucation Tools to do so.

ExtensionStore | SketchUcation


But I will attempt to try this

Have you tried Eneroth’s Material Area Calculator?

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You need to install the latest version of the sketchucation store plugin, and also the fredo 6 library to be able to use Fredo’s plug-ins.

I would suggest 3DBI, it allows you to create interactive 3D dashboards in Power BI, displaying your SketchUp model geometry, quantities and material usages. Not familiar with Power BI? It’s like Excel on steroids.

Here is a simple demo showcasing the possibilities: 3D Power BI visual of a BIM quantity takeoff with external pricing information - in depth tutorial. - YouTube

Pour qq qui a fait ses etudes a St.Luc dans les annees septantes a Bruxelles, c’est sympa d’etre en contact avec la Belgique ici du Canada.
Mais pour qq bien au dessus de 55+ et createur hobbyiste, 225$ c’est bien aigu comme prix.
Les 45$ sont mieux (mais a nouveau par an, et combien en plus pour Power BI?)
Je suis sur SKU19 pour une raison de pension pour cela ne peux acceder les (logiciels our autres solution par annee)
En tant que createur du type Artiste et non commercial, je ne crois pas que j’ai Power BI pour commencer.
Mais merci. well begankt pour votre suggestion.

Thank you. Have done so.
Thank you very much.

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I agree that for hobbyist use 3DBI might be too much, but it really is a powerful way to get quantities out of SketchUp and communicate them with your stakeholders in 3D using Power BI.

Power BI desktop is still free as far as I can see:


You might want to try the reporting extension I developed: Find And Report”.
It allows you to manipulate the data of your model including materials either by working in a window in SketchUp or in a spreadsheet.

Let’s say you want to change all entities with a material named “Mat1” to “Mat2”.
Start “Find And Report” image, type “Mat1” in the search field, specifying that you are looking in the Front Face Material: image

All entities with Front Face Material “Mat1” will be selected in the drawing and will appear in the “Find And Report” window.

Highlight all entities with material by typing ctrl + a (or using the “Highlight all” button image) and change the material to Mat 2.


This material must exist to be applied but not necessarily already be used in the model.

You can also export all the data to an external file image and manipulate it in a spreadsheet. This way you can change the material values in the spreadsheet and it is possible to apply these new settings by clicking on the “update icon from a file” image.

Additional information that should also interest you: the extension is free.


I forgot to thank you very much for your great advice.
My sincerer apologies for the delay. How rude of me.
When so many different materials are needed it’s a near nightmare
your extension advise will help A LOT!

Yes BACK MATERIALS is still like a devil in most of my projects
when suddenly I fill in a material and click and the colour spreads like wild fire
and often when I want to colour something and another BACK material starts
filling in, even it is not showing in the right material window.

Still after many years I don’t know how to resolve this issue
with unwanted (previously uses materials or colours)
just flooding my plane to fill.
Especially BACK materials seem to be rampant other patterns
that obviously I am not really interested in using for the inside of
something that will not be visible.
Problem is that I don’t know who to ask the right question and right
description of these moments.

Kind regard




Thank you for your support. We are all very busy with one job or another. There is no problem that the answer will arrive a few weeks later.

There is a possible answer to the question about faces having an unexpected material. It is that the face is embedded in a group or component instance that is assigned a material. If no material has been assigned to the face, it will appear with the material of the group or component instance. This “visual inheritance” even reaches faces in a subgroup, i.e. a group within a group (which is marked by a material).
Here is an example of a drawing where no face has a material:

MaterialFromGroups.skp (118.0 KB)



Thank you very much for your explanation
mmmh I can’t fathom the idea of having to search for the original materials etc.
I sure will take great care for anything in the future.
My model has now reached a stage were I was able to load the fbx file into Twinmotion 23.
BUT many things are missing.
I managed to test the 1st time in my life my model in VR Vive flabbergasted how it recognizes floors
but still can go through walls etc. Have to fix that and much more.
As it worked most the materials from Sketchup looked really off.
I think I better start from scratch adding materials
I now want to re save my model all in monochrome and re-export as fbx.
My main question is will I be able to reassign different materials?
OR will Twinmotion sense the original materials assigned in SketchUP?
How can I dismiss all the materials and textures without loosing structures.
I don’t want materials to show within the thickness of the walls and other things
Do I have to explode everything?
I have over 2800 groups and 3150 instances 4.5 million faces 588 materials 430 textures
The building is 9 floors up and 7 underground

My ultimate goal is to take it into UnrealEngine as a game experience via Twinmotion
Thank you.

When you import a file from Twinmotion a window will pop with some configurations, one of them is to choose what kind of behavior will twinmotion have, if you choose keep hierarchy, the model will have all the groups or components you had on skp, groups inside groups will be exploded automatically so there’s just the group before the loose geometry on skp and textures will be applied to groups individually, if you choose materials hierarchy all the objects with the same material will be connected if you apply a texture, all the objects with the same material will be affected. My recommendation is yo choose keep hierarchy and apply materials to individual elements, just make sure on skp that all the geometry with different materials are different groups, if you’ve painted loose geometry with different materials, twinmotion won’t recognize and will apply the material to the entire element.
By the way, twinmotion can import sketchup files, or you can download the datasmith exporter and synchronize your skp model with twinmotion, so if you make any change on skp it will be updated automatically on TM.

Thank you so much for your time replying and explaining.
I will make sure to re import taking care of the settings you describe

When I look at my numbers
Awwww, how to go back and check all the groups etc it all? It seems very daunting.

Since my last message I managed to try my file in my HTC VIVE helmet and
was blown away actually to be able to walk around (on floors and stairs) that showed nicely
All my, imported wall and floor Art showed perfectly well.

I re-saved my SketchUP model in “cm” and re-exported as FBX
and now it showed perfect in size to the “humans” in Twinmotion

Twinmotion won’t recognize and will apply the material to the entire element

This might be one of my many issues.

I have a lot of glass. Unfortunately SKU has very few standard glass to use.
The new TM23 has a wide array to chose from.
BUT how to set these glass in SKU I have nearly used all basic materials available.
I am very concerned to change glass into random types of materials that I still need to import or create.

I thought of making my own patterns like wallpaper that repeat "material glass A, B, C , D etc)

I know somehow glass seemed to , like escape" into the back faces of planes
and rush around the model and often made me redo again and again.

I also don’t know maybe the “reverse faces” is an issue. But how to see if
a plane that has been loaded with materials and textures is, reversed or not?
Dumb question you may think for someone using SKU since the free Google

I often filled floors with just a line across from point to point and then when the plane
filled this part of the floors (I have many odd shaped floor areas) then I delete the line across.

I still now have issued with “intersect faces with model”
then the part to cut if off from is too large it just wont do it
sometimes SKU also splash/crashes in when I attempt to do that process

At times I seem to have really a hart time doing the simplest of things
like cutting away something out of the floor.
Then I go to make a circle or squares

and delete the centre and then start nibbling away
what I don’t want to see
I posted a several questions on the TM forum about all my issues.
I have posted several issues here when I started to try to build in Unreal Engine
(very cumbersome)

I was wondering maybe I should try to extract in SKU only the building
and then import one by one all the groups?
Again I see months of work only for that as I have to start.

TM again and again. The making of my FBX takes about 15 minutes each time
after any change in SKU.

I am VERY concerned about uploading my entire model into their cloud etc.
It’s eight months of work anyone interested could just take it and run and make it his/her own
there is no protection against that. Or I don’t know how to build it in …(Yes all the Art is originally mine) that I can prove.
But again I don’t have the resources to find or sue hackers or thieves with the law.
That is I guess why all is so secretive here in Vancouver with the game studios.

I was on a tour in one of the world big studios called ATOMIC , no cellphone were allowed
no seeing any of the hundreds of screens close up etc. They promised that they had plenty of all types of jobs for people over 55+ with CAD expertise.
After I showed my work on tablet to the HR CEO guiding us at a later stage he gave me his linkedIN contact and invited me to apply directly to him, no need to send resume etc.
He NEVER replied and never said one word :slight_smile:

I had Twinmotion customer service (that is really good and very fast) telling me in an email that Datasmith does NOT work with SketchUP 19. Only starting from 20.
I only get One logo that shows an arrow. I know now how to open the Datasmith file but
I can’t seem to establish an live link.
Although I have 32GB of ram and a medium to good Nvidia Graphic card. 1080
Thank you for your time and consiration
Muchas Gracias

Turn to monochrome style to easily see reversed faces. Some people here have changed the back face color to something more obvious like pink or purple so it stands out more.

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