Is there an extension or plugin that summarizes my use of materials used in a project?


I wonder if there is a plugin that can recollect visually all the SKU materials already used in project?
Or that would tell you when you want to use it again “warning this has already been used”

It’s makes it very ugly in SKU when applying just any colour or different material in SKU just to be able to single out a material later on at the render stage.

Or maybe something that automatically changes the name of material 1 to 2 or 3 when used multiple times so in render by name they would appear as different.

I once installed Kerythea materials into SKU and they have several materials that look nearly the same but have different numbers which is then easy to change.

Thank you.

I don’t know about “summarize” but if you purge your model, the materials left in the “In Model” section of the Materials browser are the one that are in use in your model.

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Quantifier pro can make a list of all the materials you’ve used, but it’s a paid extension and using it only for that would be a waste, cause this plugin can make a lot more than that, like estimate costs of a construction, and generate a report of the entire model and export it to excel. You can try the extension for 15 days though.

Thank you. Have never done the purging for that. Will try it out

Thank you very much for taking the time to let me know
I will look at the cost. I more of an eternal hobbyist.

You have also FredoTools::ReportLabelArea, which is free.

It compiles areas in the model, but since one report is by material, you also have the list of materials used in the model.


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Thank you
I have bought a hole lot of Freddo
but since the updates suggested I haven’t managed to get to use them again
they show up on the icons but refuse to function
I am in SKU19 and will not upgrade I am a hobbyist
For example to tool to round edges I have not managed
I even bought freddo two times once.
You kindly offered to refun but still since then I can’t make it work

xxcopy paste xxx
Should I try to UNINSTALL all of these Fredo plugins and reinstall?

Do I need to restart SU again after each installation?

the autoupdate not seems to work

I re downloaded Fredo Corners installed it through the Extention manager

and restarted SU and now the three Fredo symbols don’t show at all in my upper tabs

although in the manager they show as enabled and signed etc



On Thu, Jan 5, 2023 at 12:12 PM SketchUcation Support <> wrote:


We can refund the latest.

You just need to update your extensions. Use our Sketchucation Tools to do so.

ExtensionStore | SketchUcation


But I will attempt to try this

Have you tried Eneroth’s Material Area Calculator?

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You need to install the latest version of the sketchucation store plugin, and also the fredo 6 library to be able to use Fredo’s plug-ins.

I would suggest 3DBI, it allows you to create interactive 3D dashboards in Power BI, displaying your SketchUp model geometry, quantities and material usages. Not familiar with Power BI? It’s like Excel on steroids.

Here is a simple demo showcasing the possibilities: 3D Power BI visual of a BIM quantity takeoff with external pricing information - in depth tutorial. - YouTube

Pour qq qui a fait ses etudes a St.Luc dans les annees septantes a Bruxelles, c’est sympa d’etre en contact avec la Belgique ici du Canada.
Mais pour qq bien au dessus de 55+ et createur hobbyiste, 225$ c’est bien aigu comme prix.
Les 45$ sont mieux (mais a nouveau par an, et combien en plus pour Power BI?)
Je suis sur SKU19 pour une raison de pension pour cela ne peux acceder les (logiciels our autres solution par annee)
En tant que createur du type Artiste et non commercial, je ne crois pas que j’ai Power BI pour commencer.
Mais merci. well begankt pour votre suggestion.

Thank you. Have done so.
Thank you very much.

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I agree that for hobbyist use 3DBI might be too much, but it really is a powerful way to get quantities out of SketchUp and communicate them with your stakeholders in 3D using Power BI.

Power BI desktop is still free as far as I can see:


You might want to try the reporting extension I developed: Find And Report”.
It allows you to manipulate the data of your model including materials either by working in a window in SketchUp or in a spreadsheet.

Let’s say you want to change all entities with a material named “Mat1” to “Mat2”.
Start “Find And Report” image, type “Mat1” in the search field, specifying that you are looking in the Front Face Material: image

All entities with Front Face Material “Mat1” will be selected in the drawing and will appear in the “Find And Report” window.

Highlight all entities with material by typing ctrl + a (or using the “Highlight all” button image) and change the material to Mat 2.


This material must exist to be applied but not necessarily already be used in the model.

You can also export all the data to an external file image and manipulate it in a spreadsheet. This way you can change the material values in the spreadsheet and it is possible to apply these new settings by clicking on the “update icon from a file” image.

Additional information that should also interest you: the extension is free.


I forgot to thank you very much for your great advice.
My sincerer apologies for the delay. How rude of me.
When so many different materials are needed it’s a near nightmare
your extension advise will help A LOT!

Yes BACK MATERIALS is still like a devil in most of my projects
when suddenly I fill in a material and click and the colour spreads like wild fire
and often when I want to colour something and another BACK material starts
filling in, even it is not showing in the right material window.

Still after many years I don’t know how to resolve this issue
with unwanted (previously uses materials or colours)
just flooding my plane to fill.
Especially BACK materials seem to be rampant other patterns
that obviously I am not really interested in using for the inside of
something that will not be visible.
Problem is that I don’t know who to ask the right question and right
description of these moments.

Kind regard




Thank you for your support. We are all very busy with one job or another. There is no problem that the answer will arrive a few weeks later.

There is a possible answer to the question about faces having an unexpected material. It is that the face is embedded in a group or component instance that is assigned a material. If no material has been assigned to the face, it will appear with the material of the group or component instance. This “visual inheritance” even reaches faces in a subgroup, i.e. a group within a group (which is marked by a material).
Here is an example of a drawing where no face has a material:

MaterialFromGroups.skp (118.0 KB)