Extensions and materials disappeared

I installed an Extention but now the extention button on top of the screen disapeared.
After “window” comes “help”. (normaly the order is “window, extention, help”
Also there are no materials. I can only use those picked with the probe(pipette).

Not sure about the extension.

Under the Materials tab, push the house icon. Does that help?

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Thx, materials are back now.
But extention?
Is there maybe a setting for things in the toolbar?

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I’m not sure honestly

What extension was it? Some show up under “tools” or when you right-click as opposed to “extensions”

It was CleanUp

Does it show under tools? Or when you select geometry and right-click?

This is what i get

Can´t find it there and also not under tools

How about under the edit menu?

No, checked all toolbars

I’ll have a look and get back to you.

Ok, i think the problem is with CleanUp.
Installed a random extention and it appeard.

Okay great! Was going to say check in model info - had a look at Cleanup and it would appear to be under model info or right click menu

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I tells me to activate it somehow

It´s german but do you know what Voreinstellungen (presettings) are?

No I don’t. Never used Cleanup :grimacing:

Sorry and hope I was of some help :relaxed:

Thanks for helping!!!
For this extention SU needed to be restarted :confounded: :zipper_mouth_face:

Aha :joy: no problem. Take care

ThomThoms CleanUp requires that you also install the helper extension TTLib.

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